Uganda Nourishing Bellies and Brains

Pathways 4 Thriving Uganda Nourishing Bellies and Brains

Uganda Nourishing Bellies and Brains

2750 people impacted

Many school kids in Eastern Uganda frequently do not eat breakfast or lunch.  This project will provide solar cookers to prepare student lunches, and desks and books that are in dire need.  With food in their bellies, kids will be better able to concentrate and learn.


The issues:

Crowded classrooms, 5 students per desk, and worn out textbooks are a common theme among 3 schools in Eastern Uganga (Nawire, Muenge & Bukwekwe), as is cooking lunch for thousands of children using firewood.

The Plan:

Purchase 4000 textbooks, XX desks for students and 100 solar cookers (and pots) for the 3 schools.

Host Rotary Club: Tororo, Uganda

Rotary Area of Focus: Supporting Education

Project Budget: $105,000

Support this project:

We have raised $27,000 towards our goal of $30,000 in seed money. Your donation helps cover our shortfall.

We are working on a Rotary Global Grant that will provide an additional $75,000 in funding.